Saturday, 11 January 2014

About Me

Being my first post, I feel like I should introduce myself and explain my blog.
I'm Tasha, I adore anything artistic and dabble in photography and currently learning how to tattoo. My blog will consist of my art work, photos, tattoos, make up and fashion every now and then and life in general. I suffer from a chronic illness called M.E, I might be writing the odd post on how I live with it, how it effects my life and what it actually is. Its a big part of my life but I don't just suffer from a physical illness but unfortunately I do have mental illnesses which i may write about, If i ever learn how to cope with it;) 

This is me.

Well, the most recent photo of me. I have a passion for constantly changing the colour and style of my hair. I'll do random blogs about hair dying since it's something I've mastered, if I do say so myself. 
I have my very own dog, Loki and he's a Pug - Jack Russel cross who is currently just over a year old and incredibly cute. I love waking up to his smelly breath and cold nose, he's my best friend and i love him. I got him last year and he's changed my life completely, seeing him and his flabby face will never fail to make me happy.

My family are a bunch of mentalists but I wouldn't change them for the world. I live with my 2 sisters, ma & pa. I have three dogs, two Border Terriers ( Taylor & Skyla) and Loki.

 I know, lovely picture of the dogs..

I have the most supportive boyfriend, we've been together since 2011 and have had our troubles but I love him and he's my rock. Sam is a musician and understands my creative side. He will pop up every now and then I reckon.

I love Photography but due to bad health haven't been able to do it in a few months. I'm self taught from helpful websites and videos but hoping to do a course in the future as my illness has set me back in my education.
This was mid 2013 and one of my favorite pictures I've taken and edited. 

I recently got my hands on a tattoo kit, I love all body modifications. I have many piercings and will have tattoos soon. I enjoy drawing, art and everything about tattoos and hope to make a career of it in the future. Since I have only used it a handful of times I haven't got any pictures but soon enough there will be plenty. I practice on synthetic skin and will be getting lessons from a friend on how to use it properly soon, I set it up on my own and have guessed/read how to do it so far.

I also have a girly side, i do love make up and the odd fashion. I will have the odd OOTDs and make up looks/reviews to share. 

My passions in life are ;  family, art, milkshakes, hair dye, piercings, tattoos, animals, my dogs, my boyfriend, food, food, food and milkshakes, and milkshakes again.
I'm also an elf at heart and one day will live in the woodland, shoot a bow and arrow and marry Legolas.

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